Monday, 9 August 2010

Weekly report - Week 11

Pencil down is today, so it's probably my last weekly report...

  • Improved the documentation on my wiki page, including a paragraph about a potential problem with bandwidth allocation.
  • Got my FPGA4U to work.
  • No success at getting the TI MSP430 Launchpad to work...
  • Attempted to add support for high-bandwidth isochronous endpoints, but it hit yet another bug in the MUSB driver, happening even with DMA disabled...
  • I may be able to fix the MSP430 problem...
  • ?


  1. Drinkcat,

    I am trying to follow your wiki to build your project and am experiencing trouble. Can you help me identify a good toolchain (or the one you are using)? Did you get your cross compiler through Open Embeded? If so can you explain how I can get the same one? I am developing a custom USB device and I think that your project will greatly speed my development. Can we swap email somehow?


  2. Hi Drinkcat,

    Thanks for sharing this great project.

    Could you please release a dump of your beagleboard system partition, if it's not too big? This would allow a quick & easy installation of the USB sniffer.


  3. Hi Drinkcat,

    I am trying to create a USB sniffer out of the Beagleboard XM. I am following the instructions given in this link. Unfortunately, I am having problems. When I run the command, this is what i get.

    mv: cannot rename ‘/media/ram/dump’: No such file or directory

    Do you have any idea?

    And thanks for sharing this great project.