Sunday, 25 July 2010

Weekly report - Week 9

As expected, it wasn't a very productive week...

  • Tested my MUSB modification when double-buffering is enabled. It seems to cause a lot of packet losses with isochronous transfers, so I'm wondering if my patch is breaking something.
  • Added recipes for libpcap 1.1.1 and tcpdump 4.1.1 in OpenEmbedded. Commits: libpcap, and tcpdump.
  • These versions are able to capture USB traffic in a format that is compatible with wireshark.
  • Added an all-in-one capture script: sniff. See the script here, and updated instructions.

  • Investigate the MSP430 Launchpad problem.
  • Choose the FIFO size for each of the endpoints from the device descriptors: right now, I have 2 extra FIFO modes, 6, and 7, used respectively for the webcam, and the headset. When that is done, we will have some fully automatic sniffing solution.
  • MUSB related: try to find out what is going wrong when double-buffering is enabled, and experiment with high-bandwidth transfers.

  • Lack of time... This week will be the last week I will be able to work full-time on this project.