Monday, 2 August 2010

Weekly report - Week 10

  • Dynamic sizing of MUSB FIFOs: there is a new module parameter, fifo_config, that allows to set the FIFO configuration for each endpoint. An example would be: ep1in:1024,ep3out:32,ep4in:512. In that case, EP1 IN will have 1024 bytes of buffer, EP3 OUT 32 bytes, etc... Note that FIFO sizes must be powers of 2.
  • Modified the sniff script to take that into account: it reads the device descriptor, and chooses the closest bigger or equal power of 2 size for the endpoint FIFO.
  • Improved the instructions on the wiki, taking into account feedback from Frans.
  • I just bought a USB 2.0 webcam, that needs high-bandwith isochronous endpoints. Getting that to work will require modifications to the MUSB driver
  • Lack of time... There is only a week left until the suggested pencil down date...
  • Adding high-bandwidth endpoints support to MUSB may be tricky.

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