Monday, 19 July 2010

Weekly report - Week 8

  • Managed to fix the bug with short ISO packets in the MUSB driver (see Friday's post).
  • Retested the proxy driver with the devices I have. I did some more thorough Bluetooth testing, including file transfers (table here).
  • Test with a few more devices, before leaving Switzerland.
  • The MSP430 Launchpad doesn't work with the proxy (it seems a bit fragile, even when connected directly to my PC, I suspect a driver problem): investigate this.
  • It would be good to add support for high-bandwidth endpoints in the MUSB driver, and test it with the proxy (I don't own any device requiring this at the moment).
  • Test packet capture with libpcap on the BeagleBoard (to get wireshark-compatible capture files).
  • I'll be on a plane for most of Wednesday and Thursday (and jet-lagged after that...), so don't expect too much out of this week...

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