Sunday, 6 June 2010

Weekly report - Week 2

  • Modified the proxy driver to be more generic: descriptors requests are forwarded to the device, and the descriptors are parsed (and modified if required) on the fly: but still, only interrupt transfers from the device to the host on endpoint 1 are supported.
  • Ported my set of patches to the kernel 2.6.35-rc1 (i.e., the latest vanilla tree): a few functions got renamed, but nothing major. I compiled and ran that kernel on the BeagleBoard. I had to tweak some files to get the MUSB block to accept being run in peripheral-only mode (commit), but the MUSB block seems buggy (even with the Ethernet gadget), so I gave up on that. From a discussion on #beagle, it seems like it would be better to use the linux-omap git tree (but I don't know which branch), and apply "some patches" from Angstrom.
  • Started working with a new device: the FTDI USB->Serial converter found, for example, on Arduino boards. Device->PC communication uses endpoint 1, in bulk mode, and worked with little modifications of the existing code.
  • Get PC->Device communication to work with the Arduino, which uses endpoint 2 in bulk mode (to get at least one OUT endpoint working).
  • From there, dynamically connect all endpoints advertised in the configuration.
  • So far I've been targeting kernel 2.6.32 (from angstrom-linux/beagleboardXM), but at some point I would like to target the latest kernel, so I would need to get the MUSB block to work properly with a recent kernel.
  • I have encountered strange problems with a keyboard: pressing num/caps lock only takes effect at the next key stroke, I need to investigate this.

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