Monday, 24 May 2010

Weekly report: Week 0

First, I should receive my BeagleBoard tomorrow, so I can get up to speed on the project.

  • Tried to build Angstrom (the latest git version), but ran into disk space problems (20+ gigs do not seem to be enough). Since I only need to do kernel development, I can also use demo images, and pre-built toolchains.
  • Downloaded the pre-built toolchain (angstrom-2010.4-test-20100421-x86_64-linux-armv7a-linux-gnueabi-toolchain-qte-4.6.2.tar.bz2).
  • Built a Beagleboard kernel based on angstrom-linux/beagleboardXM, using that toolchain.
  • Formatted a 1GiB SD-card according to the guide, and copied the content from the demo image to it. Since my SD-card is only 1GiB, and the image is 2GiB, I "dd"-ed the first FAT partition (to make sure that files are in the right order), but copied all the files on the ext3 partition.
  • Try to finish building Angstrom (I freed some disk space, and maybe I messed up somewhere).
  • Test the SD-card I formatted.
  • Replace the kernel on the SD-card with the one I built.
  • Use the newest root filesystem (if I manage to finish building it).
  • Test the USB gadget and EHCI controllers with a few different drivers/devices.
  • Start working on the proxy driver (i.e., the project itself).
  • Unable to build Angstrom: nevermind, I can use demo images (at least for now).
  • ?

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